Marc is a graphic designer based in New York City currently working in-house at AFS Intercultural Programs and hustling on the side as a freelancer. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Parsons, The New School (2017) and a B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Washington (2015). While much of his experience has been in designing brand concepts, he really enjoys learning about UI/UX and motion graphics. Below are images of his daily life and travels from his Instagram (@cramn48). He is a pretty normal person with socially acceptable addictions. I mean, who doesn't love food and Mariah Carey?


Marc has special loved ones in his life: his two cats, Miso and Nori. Also, totally not joking about his love for food. Miso (b. 2006) is a tabby-bengal mix with the roar of a lion, but don’t worry, she doesn’t bite. Nori (b. 2014) is a black American short-hair that Marc rescued from the side of the road when Nori was hit by a car around 14 weeks of age. Nori lost a few marbles from the accident, but he’s a super sweet boy.